Biography Overview

Gulf Coast based – Indie/Rock band and recording group with four albums published to date. The fourth project, a Tri-EP titled “Trismegistus“ featuring the single “Living On Easy Street“. The single video is posted on our YouTube Channel.

A brief biography. Red Moon Travelers are all seasoned professionals with many years experience between the members. Robbie is known throughout the Florida Panhandle and has performed with names like “Johnny Rivers“, “The Platters“, “The Coasters“, “Bobby Purify“, “Jeff Cook“ and many others. Rich has worked his way through the D.C Area, then to Tampa Fl. In the Florida Panhandle Ed has been known as a “hired gun”. Performing with many local bands over the years. Bob Berteau, the newest member, Born and raised in New Orleans. Raised on Rock and Jazz. Started playing drums at age 13. Main influences and fave drummers have been Neil Peart, John Bonham, Buddy Rich and Dave Weckyl.
We are a party going, drink selling, crowd holding band. Every bartender I have ever met agrees!

Projects feature the distinctive composition and vocals of Rob Royer with production influences and dynamic blend of Americana with Classic Rock and Blues creating market separation. Visit band website for more information at

Red Moon Travelers features;

Robbie Royer – composer/music director/lead vocals/guitar/keys
Ed Campbell – vocals/percussion
Rich Lansberry – vocals/bass
Bob Berteau – drums

The Band

Bob Berteau - Drums
Bob was born and raised in the music-rich culture of New Orleans. He spent a lot of his time being exposed to different kinds of live music. He recalls, "I remember always being fascinated by the drummers! I would just stare at them till my parents pulled me away." Fortunately for Bob's parents, they lived in a house with a detached garage, so the pounding that began when he was 12 or 13 years old was at least bearable. Bob's short list of passions in life, include Cajun food, dry humor, Saints football and good music. He's been in and out of the music scene along the Gulf Coast over the years but has always had a strong interest in drumming and recording. He approaches music with a flair for detail while appreciating simplicity and humor. His basic philosophy is "Don't take life too seriously. It's a marathon, not a sprint." Bob's having the most fun of his musical life with the Red Moon Travelers!
Richard Lansberry - Bass/Vocals
Rich’s father was a mandolin/guitar player performing with his brother on radio shows & local events during the 1930’s and 40’s. The second World War interrupted music but he picked up the guitar to play for his family following Rich’s birth in 1950. In the mountains of Western Maryland their next door neighbor was the Elementary School music teacher who taught Rich Saxophone. At 7 years old Rich was playing in the school band & community band. In 1963 the local rock band needed a bass player & Rich filled the spot using guitar skills learned from his musically inclined father. Since then Rich has performed with rock, folk, country, blue grass, jazz & big band projects throughout the Northeast combining this vast experience into his current melodic style.
Ed Campbell - Percussion/Vocals
Ed started his musical journey in 1964 in Blytheville, Arkansas. He was in the 6th grade at the time. As time passed, his interest in music grew more and more. Ed leaned more towards lights and sound part of the industry, along with singing whenever he got the opportunity. He has worked stage, sound and lights for many bands on the Florida panhandle over the years as well as being a club D.J. Ed now is an active member and performing with the Red Moon Travelers as percussion and vocals. And the journey continues.
Robbie Royer - Guitar/Vocals
Robbie has been writing and creating music since he could first hold an instrument. Starting as a drummer in elementary school and high school. He was taught the disciplines of rhythm. Performing with every school band program he could. When he reached his teen years, he moved on to guitar and keyboard as well as other instruments.  In the years that followed, he joined several bands. Playing in his local area of North West Florida as well as many others. Performing with known acts like; Bobby Purify (1964 "I'm Your Puppet"), Jeff Cook (Alabama), Charles Grant (Singer; The Platters). Also, Sharing a stage with names like Ricochet (Popular Country Band), Johnny Rivers, The Coasters, The Drifters, The Platters not to mention many other talented performers of all levels. He found his greatest success performing as a solo act for many years. Finally, in 2011 he formed the Red Moon Travelers. Taking the many songs that he has written over the years and bringing them to the band as well as continuously writing and recording. Rob now has four albums to his credit and has no plans of stopping there.