Rob and Rich are two friends who love to explore the wonders of the solar system. They have a special spaceship that can travel faster than light and has a cloaking device that makes them invisible to any aliens or space pirates. They also have a robot companion named Neon who helps them with navigation, communication, and repairs.

One day, they decided to visit the red moon, which is a mysterious satellite that orbits a distant planet. The red moon is known for its stunning scenery, exotic wildlife, and ancient ruins. Rob and Rich wanted to see it for themselves and learn more about its secrets.

So, they landed their spaceship on a flat area near a large crater. Then put on their spacesuits and helmets, grabbed their backpacks and cameras, and stepped out of the hatch. Both were amazed by the sight of the red moon’s surface, which was covered with crimson dust and rocks. The sky was dark and starry, and they could see the planet that the moon orbited in the horizon.

Rich walked towards the crater, hoping to find some signs of civilization. They saw some strange plants and animals along the way, such as glowing mushrooms, spiky cacti, furry spiders, and winged lizards. They took pictures of everything they saw and collected some samples for later analysis.

The two reached the edge of the crater and looked down. They gasped in awe as they saw a huge city built inside the crater. The city was made of metal and glass, and had tall towers, domes, bridges, and tunnels. It looked like a futuristic metropolis, but it was also ancient and abandoned. There were no signs of any inhabitants or activity.

Both wondered who built the city and what happened to them. They decided to explore the city and find some clues. They activated their jetpacks and flew down into the crater. The band landed on a rooftop and entered a nearby building. They found a large hall with a giant screen on one wall. They approached the screen and pressed a button.

The screen lit up and showed a video message in an alien language. Neither of them could understand what it said, but they could tell that it was a warning or a distress signal. The video showed images of a massive invasion by an enemy fleet, a fierce battle in space and on the ground, and a devastating explosion that destroyed the planet and the moon.

They realized that they were witnessing the last moments of an ancient civilization.  One that was wiped out by a powerful enemy. They felt sad and curious about the fate of these aliens. They wondered if there were any survivors or descendants somewhere in the galaxy.

Subsequently, they decided to continue their exploration and see if they could find more information or artifacts from the city. They hoped to learn more about the history and culture of these Red Moon Travelers.

Red Moon Travelers' Robbie Royer image.

Robbie’s Bio

Robbie Royer is the composer, music director, lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist of Red Moon Travelers, an indie rock band based in the Gulf Coast. He has been performing for over 30 years. Also, has shared the stage with many famous artists such as Johnny Rivers, The Platters, The Coasters, Bobby Purify, and Jeff Cook. He is also the founder of LNR Publishing and Nimbus Records. He has written and recorded many songs for Red Moon Travelers, including their latest single “Living On Easy Street” from their fourth album “Trismegistus”. You can learn more about him and his band on their website here.

Rich’s Bio

Rich’s father was a mandolin/guitar player performing with his brother on radio shows & local events during the 1930’s and 40’s. The second World War interrupted music but he picked up the guitar to play for his family following Rich’s birth in 1950. In the mountains of Western Maryland their next door neighbor was the Elementary School music teacher who taught Rich Saxophone. At 7 years old Rich was playing in the school band & community band. In 1963 the local rock band needed a bass player & Rich filled the spot using guitar skills learned from his musically inclined father. Since then Rich has performed with rock, folk, country, blue grass, jazz & big band projects throughout the Northeast combining this vast experience into his current melodic style.

Red Moon Travelers' Rich Lansberry image.

Red Moon Travelers are an indie rock band based in the Gulf Coast, Florida. They have been performing for over 30 years and have released four albums to date. The band consists of two members: Robbie Royer and Rich Lansberry. You can learn more about Red Moon Travelers on their website  or watch some of their videos on You Tube. They are a party-going, drink-selling, crowd-holding band that plays classic rock style cover/original songs. They have a loyal fan base and a distinctive sound that blends Americana with classic rock and blues

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