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Are you a fan of the Red Moon Travelers? If so, you will love their new web page, “Top Secret”, where you can find exclusive content that you won’t see anywhere else. On Top Secret, you can access outtakes, pics, and video clips of the band’s performances, studio sessions, and behind-the-scenes moments. You can also interact with the band members, Robbie Royer and Rich Lansberry, and get to know them better. Top Secret is the ultimate destination for any Red Moon Travelers fan who wants to enjoy their music and support their journey. Don’t miss this chance to join the Top Secret club and get closer to your favorite band. Visit their website today and sign up for Top Secret. You won’t regret it.

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Studio 2A Season 1 Episode 5, 2019

When we first started the Studio 2A series, the idea was for everything to be live and real. It was a real learning experience, to say the least. In this episode our guest was Greg “Breeze” Robinson, an old musician buddy from back in the day. Found some outtakes from that shoot.

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Trying to keep new and fresh ad campaign ideas is a daunting task. Some of these are mp4s and some are images.

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