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The gallery of photos for Red Moon Travelers is a visual representation of their history and evolution as a band. It shows how they started as a 4 piece band in 2013. Robbie Royer on vocals and guitar and Rich Lansberry on bass, and how they grew over the years. Releasing four albums and gaining popularity and recognition in the Gulf Coast music scene. Not to mention our cast of members.

Image of a video camera. Red Moon Travelers gallery page.

If you want to see some of their photos, you can check out their Facebook page,  where they post updates and pictures of their gigs and events. Also, they have a gallery on their website,  where you can see some of their album covers and promotional images. They are a fun, family-friendly, and talented group of musicians who love to entertain their audience with their passion and energy. If you like blues rock and classic hits, you will love Red Moon Travelers. They are more than just a band, they are a musical experience that you will never forget.


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