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The Ventura Highway video from Red Moon Travelers is a live performance of the classic song by America. The video features  members of the band: Robbie and Rich, playing acoustic guitars and singing harmonies. The video is about 3 minutes and 47 seconds long. And it shows the band having fun with the tune. The video was uploaded on YouTube on Aug 27, 2023. Please subscribe and follow. You can watch the video here: Studio 2A | Ventura Highway | Red Moon Travelers

Studio 2A is a live music show that features Red Moon Travelers. They are an acoustic duo that plays classic rock and Originals. Studio 2A is hosted by the Nimbus Records Studio and LNR Publishing. Also, the show is uploaded on YouTube. There you can watch various episodes of Studio 2A and enjoy the music of Red Moon Travelers and their guests. Whether they are performing at intimate venues or larger stages, the Red Moon Travelers never fail to please. Each performance filled with passion and authenticity.

If you like live music and classic hits, you will love Studio 2A and Red Moon Travelers. They are more than just a band, they are a musical experience that you will never forget. You can visit their website for more information, buy their music, or book them for your event¹. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel and join them on a thrilling adventure through the decades of rock.
Some of the songs they have performed include Ventura Highway, Us And Them, and many more.


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